Integrated Positional Therapy


Gently yet effectively addresses neuromuscular and musculoskeletal pain patterns at the root cause, addressing and correcting imbalances. Typically reduction of pain is achieved with the first treatment. A wellness plan is provided with recommended simple releases /stretches that can be easily incorporated into your day.

IPT does not require ongoing appointments. A follow-up appointment is suggested to monitor and improve the wellness plan for maximum benefit. Many people come for two to three sessions although it is not uncommon to find relief and learn to incorporate IPT into your self-care with only one appointment! IPT is a reset for your body!

What to expect during your session:


Intake consultation

Thorough assessment

Individualized treatment (fully clothed, assisted stretching and gentle relieving releases)

To be treated with respect and compassion

Comprehensive individual wellness plan for self care at home

Follow up/check in after your treatment


Conditions that can benefit from IPT:

Back and neck pain

Tendonitis (elbow, shoulder, etc.)

Sports injuries

Hip or knee pain

Plantar fasciitis

Headaches, migraines

Limited range of motion




and many more…



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