Heather Gustafson, RN BSN MBA

Heather is an Integrated Health Practitioner and founder of Reset Relief, facilitating pain and stress reduction. Her life’s work is caring for others with compassion and encouraging and educating them in self-care. Heather utilizes practical, efficient methods that can be incorporated into daily routines (busy schedules!) with ease. Her interest in and curiosity about what it means to be a human being led her to a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, two 500 hour yoga teaching certifications (Kripalu, Insight-Yin, Meditation), Reiki mastership and recent completion of Integrated Positional Therapy training.

Heather’s story:

After a bad fall on the ice while walking her dog, Heather suffered a concussion, neck and ultimately low back pain. The back pain lasted for many months. Her physician, two physical therapists, as well as her nursing and yoga training didn’t help, but IPT did!


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